Star Grants

Over the years, the Plain Local Schools Foundation and Alumni Association has provided over $100,000 in “Star Grants” to various staff throughout Plain Local for programming that was outside of the district’s normal operating budget.

Grants have included support for:

  • STEM programming at Oakwood Middle School and GlenOak High School
  • Homework support both after-school in district buildings, as well as in several community centers
  • International Book Sharing program where Plain Local students connect with other students worldwide in a Holocaust book share project
  • STEAM programming at Glenwood Intermediate School
  • District K-6 arts initiatives where students are exposed to various arts experiences in our community and arts professionals work in our buildings directly with our students
  • Various literacy intervention and enrichment programs such as Raz  Kids, Wilson Just Words, literacy growth measurement programs, and more
  • Capital equipment for the stage, technology and athletics
  • Staff professional development programs
  • Elementary science and math programming
  • Support of students with learning disabilities or multiple handicaps with after-school programs, sensory room equipment, life-skills learning projects, and more

Are you a teacher or staff member in Plain Local Schools? Fill out the Star Grant application. The deadline is April 5, 2024.


Become a Star Grant Community Partner

Support of these programs by the Foundation is just the beginning to providing exceptional experiences for all 6,000 students of Plain Local. The mission of the Foundation could never be achieved without your support. To be part of the legacy that is Plain Local, donate now and become a Star Grant Community Partner!

2023 Star Grant Winners
  • Abby Henry
  • Alexis Pochubay
  • Allyson Sederland
  • Amanda Arway
  • Amanda de Fays
  • Amy Michael
  • Anna Massey
  • Bambi Fritsche
  • Becky Foltz
  • Brian Kieffer
  • Caitlin Dimos
  • Carolyn Herstich
  • Chance Bricker
  • Dave Limbaugh
  • Davesha Baker
  • David Thompson
  • Deb Dilley
  • Dustin Jarvis
  • Erica Hershberger
  • Erin LaPenes
  • Halie Harris
  • Hannah Ferguson
  • Isaac Temelkoff
  • Jean Tobias
  • Jennifer Austin
  • Jessica Tsoufiou
  • Jill Balderson
  • Krysten Guidone
  • Linda Clark
  • Maggie Hatcher
  • Mary Gidcumb
  • Megan Frederick
  • Megan Rea
  • Melissa Slatzer
  • Michael Nieporte
  • Michelle Stahleker
  • Rachel Tupta
  • Rita Walbeck
  • Ryan Foltz
  • Ryan McGonagle
  • Sarah Michel
  • Shawn Kimbrough
  • Shelly St. Clair
  • Theresa Ackman
  • Tiffany Woods
  • Trevor Burkett
  • Zachary Shea
2022 Star Grant Winners
  • Alex Mathieu
  • Amanda Arway
  • Becky Foltz
  • Alex Shaheen
  • Bambi Fritsche
  • Caitlin Dimos
  • Collette Salem
  • Erin LaPenes
  • Dori Hess
  • Heather Zapolnik
  • Jessica Tsoufiouj
  • Julie Anthony
  • Kent Hamilton
  • Maggie Hatcher
  • Matthew Gagnon
  • Michele Stahleker
  • Megan Fredrick
  • Ryan Foltz
  • Shelly St. Clair
  • Trevor Burkett
  • Tiffany Woods
  • Victoria Newkirk
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