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Whether you’re a Diamond, Raider or Eagle, this is the place to stay connected with classmates! There are over 32,000 graduates of Plain Local Schools, dating back to the first graduating class of Middlebranch High School in 1927. Plain Local Schools Foundation & Alumni Association offers a variety of ways to reconnect with other alumni, current Plain Local students and the community.

If you are planning an upcoming reunion or event for alumni, contact us to find out how the Alumni Association can help.

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Middlebranch High School (1926-1957) opened in 1926 as the first high school in Plain Township. Elementary classrooms and two portable buildings served as the first high school building. The first class consisted of five members who were designated as sophomores and graduated in 1929 as the first graduates of Middlebranch High School. The school colors were black and red and teams were known as the “Middlebranch Diamonds”. The current Middlebranch Elementary building is anchored by a section of the Middlebranch High School that was constructed in 1931. To accommodate a growing community, Glenwood High School was opened in 1958 and the last group of Plain Local graduates to come out of Middlebranch High School was 1957.


Glenwood High School (1958-1975) was opened in 1958 to accommodate the growing population in Plain Township.  The vast farmlands of the community were quickly turning into housing allotments.  The site was chosen for its central geographic location in the school district and included enough space for a football stadium, administration building and bus garage.  The student body chose the Eagle as their mascot with blue and red as the school colors.


Oakwood High School (1968-1975) was built to accommodate the unprecedented growth of Plain Township in the 1960s. In addition, the state of Ohio started requiring schools to offer vocational programs as part of their curriculum which exaggerated the need for additional space. Oakwood High School was an innovative design of its time, using a large group instruction space coupled with small group discussion rooms and independent study carrels. It also included a wing for the new vocational programs. The first and only principal of Oakwood High School was Handy Wolf. The Oakwood mascot was the Raider and the school colors were green and gold.


GlenOak High School (1976 – present) was the combination of Glenwood and Oakwood high schools.  This was done in part because of the difficulty for Glenwood’s vocational students to maintain an identity with their home school while spending most of the day at Oakwood for vocational classes. “GlenOak” represents the combining of the Glenwood and Oakwood names.  The Golden Eagle was picked as the mascot along with Oakwood’s green and gold as the school colors.  The fall of 2006 saw the opening of the “new” GlenOak High School campus on the old Smith farm spanning between Schneider and Easton.  The “new” GlenOak High School is a community campus housing a Mercy Medical Stat Care facility, the Plain branch of the Stark County District Library and a leg of the Stark Parks Trail path.

Alma Mater

Of fondest memories
those of GlenOak will last
through the years.
To thee our loyalty,
forever and ever endures.
May all the days that follow
bring back the memories of old,
of GlenOak High School,
the home of the green and gold,
the home of the green and gold.

– Written and arranged by Ed Montgomery

GlenOak High School Fight Song “On Eagles On” was written by Rex Mitchell, Glenwood Band Director

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