Each year, the educators in the Plain Local School District continue to promote excellence in our children, as well as our community. Their hard work never goes unrecognized, and The Plain Local Schools Foundation is excited to offer a way for parents to not only thank the educators who inspire the children of Plain Local Schools each day, but also contribute to the Teacher Grant Fund, which helps educators in the district continue to be creative and innovative in the classroom. All donations to the Thank a Teacher program will be contributed to a fund which provides roughly $15,000 in grants to educators each year. These grants are what make the classrooms in Plain Local Schools some of the best in the country, by supporting programing that stimulates young minds through collaboration and ingenuity. Once your Thank a Teacher donation is received, your personalized acknowledgement message card will be delivered to the teacher of your choice. If you choose to donate $20 or more, a small gift will also be given to your teacher as an extra bit of acknowledgement for their outstanding work. Additionally, your teacher’s principal will be notified of this special recognition, and they will be recognized through the Plain Local social media. The Thank a Teacher program is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for our schools’ educators, while also helping to facilitate progress and innovation within Plain Local Schools.

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